Support Your Local Farm

Support Your Local Farm

Welcome to Swallow Rail Farm, home of Jeneen Wiche and Andy Smart.  We offer a variety of farm products including blueberries, pasture raised poultry, Katahdin lamb and eggs.

Our AmbitionMy family moved to western Shelby County in 1979 when I was ten years old.  My father’s desire was to develop a horticultural experience that emphasized ornamental and edible plantings; today my husband Andy and I continue to care for his legacy while we reshape the focus of Swallow Rail Farm. Daddy named the farm after the barn swallows and the two rail roads that flank Conner Station; and all remain true to the name. Today, Andy and I want a small working farm that can enrich our lives, the animals we raise and the customers we hope to serve.  We can experience a farm to table relationship that means fresher food for you and a new model for Community Supported Agriculture that allows for unilateral support for Kentucky agriculture.  Connecting the farm directly to the consumer is the goal here.  My farm experience allows me to participate in the very thing I enjoy advocating and communicating through teaching, lectures, workshops and writing: our local farm economy around Louisville does exists so please support it. We have Kentucky raised lamb, poultry, eggs and fruit just outside of Metro Louisville. Thank you. 
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  1. Jeneen,
    I am so excited for you and Andy! I love the website and all that the two of you are doing. Will check back regularly …

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