The 2012 Lamb and Chicken Harvest is Complete

The 2012 Lamb and Chicken Harvest is Complete

The animals we raised for food this year have all reached their full potential, if you will.  The 6 ram lambs and some 150 chickens have found their way into local freezers and onto local dinner tables.  The farthest that any of it will travel will be to Montreal in a carry-on bag by my side so that I can eat my own lamb with dear friends later next month.  It was a year full of many lessons and you can read more about the trials and tribulations in the January-February edition of Edible Louisville.

IMG_3287The winter season progresses with a supply of eggs and frozen whole and half chicken for sale.  The egg shares are sold out for now; winter solstice is December 21st so as the days start to lengthen so will the prospects of more egg-laying! We are also pleased to know have Animal Welfare Approved status for our laying hens and eggs.  This is a nod to our responsible animal husbandry practices.Animal Welfare Approved

Let me know if you would like any pastured poultry for winter roasting.  Andy and roast a chicken each week and eat on it for several days, we have determined that the texture and flavor stands out as the most significant difference between the taste and texture of factory farmed poultry (plus we are not contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria, contamination and pollution!)

We will be doing this again and hope that our customers will continue to support the farm by purchasing Ky grazed poultry, eggs and lamb.  Happy New Year!

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