Chicken and Lamb prices


We sell our chicken and lamb direct to consumers and have creative ways to arrange for pickup and delivery so do not hesitate to ask about the options. If you ate chicken at Harvest Restaurant in May 2013 you were likely eating our first batch of the year!

Pick up at Swallow Rail Farm or arrange for delivery…just call me or email me:  #502-475-0998 or   Or visit the farm store at Mulberry Orchard, in Bagdad ( during their open summer season.

Whole Chicken $4.00/lb. and Half Chicken $4.25/lb

Whole Chicken packages 

Swallow Rail Farm Chicken- we are also happy to customize your order, the birds are in the freezer so we can sell as you wish.


Lamb packages

Current prices on Lamb for the 2014 season.  Email me to be put on the “Lamb List” so you will be notified when our ram lambs are ready for harvest in the fall.

Whole and half lamb orders may be reserved from Swallow Rail Farm, sold by the pound per hanging weight which is carcass weight after removal of hide and viscera.  Average hanging weight is 45- 50 pounds. Lamb is processed at a USDA inspected abattoir in Kentucky.  We can butcher and package to your specifications.  Please pay and pick up at the farm.

Whole lambs $8.50/lb hanging weight

Half  lambs $8.75 /lb hanging weight



RETAIL CUTS and pricing for Spring 2014_________________________________________________________

Leg of Lamb: a classic holiday meal that should be eaten more often! We often have them cut into steaks or use in ground for premium ground lamb.

Shoulder Roast: great for slow cooking in the Dutch oven, fall apart tender when done.  It’s a large roast so consider it for larger families or gatherings. This is one of my favorite cuts when I have a large party.

Chops:  we like them best grilled to 140 degrees internal temperature.

Rib Rack: an elegant presentation of the best part of the lamb.

Shanks:  are the leanest part of the lamb and are great braised, they fall off the bone.

Kabob: cut from the leg, you can skewer and grill or stew

Stew: cut from the shoulder, these small pieces make a great Guinness Stew.

Ground Lamb:  remarkably lean, many chefs cut lamb with a little beef but this is not necessary with the mild flavor of this ground lamb; when I made chili with ground lamb last winter there was less fat when browning the meat than with beef.

Lamb Sausage: sage breakfast sausage; or try some Italian links.


Februaruy 2014                                 Retail cuts:

Boneless Leg Roast                          12.00/lb               

Bone-in Leg Roast                            11.00/lb

Leg steaks                                           11.00/lb               


Loin chops                                           16.00/lb               

Rib chops                                             16.00/lb

Rack Roast                                          18.00/lb


Shoulder chops                                 12.00/lb               

Boneless shoulder roast                  12.00/lb               

Bone-in shoulder roast                    9.00/lb   

Kabob meat                                    9.00/lb


Shank                                             9.00/lb               

Sausage/sausage links                 9.00/lb                          

Stew                                               8.00/lb

Ground                                          8.00/lb               


Organ meats                               $3.75/lb                        502-722-2997




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