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lambing 2013 065Jeneen Wiche & Andy Smart
2340 Conner Station Road
Simpsonville, Kentucky 40067
Cell 502-475-0998

Of course, visits to pick up orders are welcome by appointment; we are located in western Shelby County about 30 minutes from downtown Louisville. Don’t trust GPS or Google maps, though!

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  1. Bill, hummm, preserving tomatoes without much fuss. Rough cutting and dropping into freezer bags is the easiest, of course, if you have the freezer space.

    I also do traditional hot water bath canning but it is a bot more of a production.

    I also dehydrate….shelf stable for ever! If you do not have a dehydrator than try using the interior of your car. On a sunny, warm day point twords the sun, put thinly sliced tomatoes on parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, put cookie sheet on the dash and roll up the window! An audience member from the Louisville Free Public library taught me that one.

    I also make Sofregit, a Spanish condiment great with bread, eggs, anything. Super simple just takes a while. In a stock pot saute diced onion in oil for a few minutes add choped tomatoes and simmer for as long as you can stand. Yes, there is only onion, oil and tomatoes and a little kosher salt. It cooks down to this amazingly sweet savory thick stuff! I freeze it in little containers.

    Hope this gives you some ideas. Jeneen

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