Friends of the Farm


~and more artists and farm friends doing good work…

www.CourtneyFarmsCSA.comMary and Elly in the Field
Josh and Melissa Ballard at Bluegrass Beef at

And more friends that do beautiful work otherwise…

Eileen O’Donahue and Kentucky Lamb at

Sanford and Colleen Dotson at Good Shepherd Cheese at



Sigurlinn Lorenzen and her fiber and needle work at

My lame fashion sense depends on Linn for a pick-me-up, my signature during the cool months are her fabulous shawls. They are distinctive, they last and everywhere I go people say…”I love your shawl…”

The Plant Kingdom family is like our family. Andy works hard planting and planning horticultural projects for customers out of their St. Matthews nursery location.  Visit them at

Limbwalker provides arborist and lawn health services and continue to innovate in the area of tree care.  visit them at


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