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Anthropology 352- Food and Body Politic-Jeneen Wiche

Interesting reads for those interested in food policy

Google Beef Cattle Becoming Behemoth article in The Chronicle Review, please.

Food Politics

Marion Nestle is Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health (the department she chaired from 1988-2003) and Professor of Sociology at New York University. Her degrees include a Ph.D. in molecular biology and an M.P.H. in public health nutrition, both from the University of California, Berkeley (continues below).

Civil Eats

Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. We publish stories that shift the conversation around sustainable agriculture in an effort to build economically and socially just communities.

Founded in January 2009, Civil Eats is a community resource of over 100 contributors who are active participants in the evolving food landscape from Capitol Hill to Main Street.

Food Democracy Now!

Food Democracy Now! is a grassroots community dedicated to building a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers and nourishes families.

Food Safety News

Marler Clark is the nation’s leading law firm with a practice dedicated to representing victims of foodborne illness. The firm presents Food Safety News as a daily Web-based newspaper dedicated to reporting on issues surrounding food safety

Edible Louisville

Edible LOUISVILLE is a community-based bi-monthly publication that promotes the abundance of local foods, season by season. Our mission is to: “Transform the way our community shops, eats and appreciates food that is grown and prepared in the local region.” Through our flagship publication and our website, we connect consumers with local growers, retailers, chefs, and food artisans, enabling those relationships to grow and thrive in mutually beneficial, healthy and economically viable ways.


Interesting Published Research

Cereal Crimes: How “Natural” Claims Deceive Consumers and Undermine the Organic Label- A Look Down the Cereal and Granola Aisle

Cornucopia Institute 2011

Scrambled Eggs: Separating Factory Farm Egg Production from Authentic Organic Agriculture

Cornucopia 2010

Food: History and Culture in the West- Institute of European Studies and EU Center of Excellence 2010 Food Symposium


Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America– A report of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production


The Youth Food Diary Project: Understanding the Eating Habits, Patterns and Preferences of Middle School-age Youth in Urban Food Deserts

Angelique Perez, Sustain Spring/Summer 2008, University of Louisville

8/30/12 JHW

August 31, 2012– The World According to Monsanto...

I had this on the computer while I cleaned the house today; we will watch it in class. It answers the question posed on Thursday in class, “How can Monsanto do that?”

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